Hey, I'm Reece!

Full time second year student at City, University of London, studying Computer Science with Cyber Security.

I am currently seeking to secure an industry placement in software engineering, to commence in approximately June 2020.

Featured projects

  • Photography Website

    ReactJS frontend with a NodeJS backend - using an AWS S3 bucket for media storage

  • 3D renderer

    A 3D model renderer, built using OpenGL. Vertex buffer objects, vertex arrays and basic shaders.

  • RSA

    Fully functional implementation of the RSA asymmetric cryptography system. Keygen, encryption and decryption.


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Reece's Rambles, my corner of the web for talking about tech, studies and anything else I'm up to.

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Contact and other info

You can email me at reecemercer@outlook.com,

or go to my LinkedIn

or view my GitHub to see what else I do!