For more in depth grade/education information, contact me for a copy of my CV

2018 - 2023 - City, University of London - MSci Computer Science with Cyber Security

  • Year 1 - overall 1st

    1st: IN1002 - Introduction to Algorithms

    1st: IN1004 - Mathematics for Computing

    1st: IN1006 - Systems Architecture

    1st: IN1007 - Programming in Java

    1st: IN1010 - Business Systems

    1st: IN1011 - Operating Systems

  • Year 2 - in progress

    TBC: IN2002 - Data Structures and Algorithms

    TBC: IN2009 - Language Processors

    TBC: IN2011 - Computer Networks

    TBC: IN2013 - Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

    TBC: IN2015 - Professional Development in IT

    TBC: IN2018 - Team Project

    TBC: IN2029 - Programming in C++

  • Year 3

    Year 3 will be spent on a work placement gaining industry experience.

  • Year 4 - n/a

    Modules yet to be confirmed

2016 - 2018 - Teddington Sixth form - A-Levels

  • Computer Science - Achieved A level qualification with a grade A-C.

    Programming and theory exams along with a substantial piece of coursework. I developed an Epidemiological Simulator to aid the teaching of disease spread and immunisation distribution concepts to younger students. I was also an Elite level Bebras participant for 2017 and 2018.

  • Biology - Achieved A level qualification with a grade A-C.

    Theory exams and independent research tasks. I also took an interest in concepts outside of the exam specification and partook in the British Biology Olympiad in 2017.

  • Psychology - Achieved A level qualification with a grade A-C.

    Modules of interest included Biopsychology, Schizophrenia, Psychopathology and Aggression. I also carried out an independent investigation into dream patterns using surveys, and wrote Python scripts to automatically analyse results and report findings.

2014 - 2016 - HCC/Hampton Academy (now Hampton High) - GCSEs

  • 9 GCSE's graded A* to C

    Inlcuding Computer Science, Maths, English and triple science.

  • English Baccalaureate

    A* to C grades in English, Maths, Science, History and a modern foreign language (French).

Technical skills

  • Programming languages

    I'm Fluent in Python, Java and C++, and am proficient in JavaScript (using ReactJS and NodeJS). I have had experience using Kotlin.

  • Development tools

    Experienced using VCS workflows - specifically Git and Github. I have used continuous integration tools such as TravisCI as well as branch deploys to test new additions to codebases before introducing them to production. I have used static site generators such as GatsbyJS (used on this site) to generate fast and optimised React sites.

  • Cloud services

    I have used cloud computing services/PaaS's such as AWS EC2 instances, Digital Ocean droplets and Heroku Dynos to host web apps and backend services. I use Netlify to host multiple React frontends for both university coursework projects as well as my personal website (this!) and photography website.

    I have configured AWS S3 buckets to store and serve large amounts of media and then wrapped a backend API around them to serve publicly accessible URLs to a frontend, allowing the site to be populated with dynamically served content.

  • Databases

    As well as using PaaS models for hosting frontends and backends, I have used DBaaS models such as MongoDB Atlas to host Mongo instances, and then accessed these via NodeJS servers to provide data persistence for dynamic web apps.

Extra-curricular commitments and positions

  • Society committee positions

    I am the acting Communications Officer for the City University Programming Society. I manage email communications and social media accounts, as well as helping be the public face of the society during freshers' and STEM fairs. I will also be teaching Java programming workshops during my second year to new and existing programmers alike.

  • Student mentor scheme

    Within City's student buddy scheme, I hold mentor and leader positions. That means I act as a mentor for first year students during their transition period from sixth form/college, but also help organise events, publicly represent the scheme and partake in recruitment.